Virtual Support Spotlight: Make Someone’s Day

We’re all in a bit of shock because of the COVID-19 crisis. There are varying levels of getting used to this new normal.

One thing we can all do is something to make someone’s day. Maybe it’s a phone call or video chat to check in. Maybe it’s starting a written letter or email correspondence with grandparents.

Another idea is having our team send a thoughtful gift to your loved one who is also staying at home. Need some ideas? We have a few:

  • Fun crafts for your niece or nephew to do
  • A great book your sister will love
  • A soup making kit for your mom or dad
  • A self-care package to your best friend

We can order or assemble gift packages and send them off for you. On your behalf, our team can order you gift cards from local stores which make great gifts for friends and family to use when all of the restrictions are lifted.

Ask how we can help with you make someone’s day through our Virtual Support Services.