Virtual Support Services

As we enter into our second month of isolating during the COVID-19 crisis, we want to remind you that our mission has always been to help you. We miss seeing so many of you in person and up close. There’s nothing normal about this “new normal” and we hope you know we are here to support you. We’re highlighting our virtual services that can help you or someone you know during these uncertain times. Until we can give you a real hug, please accept virtual hugs from our team to all of you.


A lot of us have been trying to balance our new jobs of home schooling our children with our jobs. It’s not exactly easy. We’d normally be reviewing our April vacation plans right now, but since those have been cancelled why not take a break from school and go on a virtual vacation with your family? We’re embracing staying home and envisioning what a virtual school vacation can look like.


Celebrations have taken a back seat during the last month. Don’t let social distancing be an excuse for not celebrating this spring’s graduate, your friends expecting an addition to their family, or a loved one’s birthday.  Decorate, make a cake & pick your favorite online video chat platform for a virtual party to celebrate the important people in your life. It’ll be something you all will look back on fondly many years from now.


If this quarantine has you spring cleaning or if you are just ready for a purge, you might find yourself wanting to clear your space of some items you can sell. If you’re unsure of the best ways to do that online, use our guide to selling stuff online. If you want to hand off the selling, we can do that too. Just leave your items out for us and we’ll take care of the rest.


Spring is the best time to evaluate your exterior home maintenance needs. Winter can be a tough time on your home. Since we are home all the time now, use this as an opportunity to figure out what your exterior home maintenance needs are. Our team can schedule a handyman to swing by and make sure your home stays in tip-top shape.


Spring is prime moving season, but this year your moving plans may have drastically changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. While moves are still happening because this industry is considered an essential service, you may have decided that moving isn’t essential for you and your family at this time. Our Simplified Moves team can help you reschedule your move with ease. This isn’t another stress you need in you life right now.


When it comes to organizing your closet, our advice is: Start small, even if it’s tackling one drawer a day. Set a timer for 10 minutes and when it goes off, you’re done for the day. No more. No less. Setting small goals will result in a large one getting accomplished by the time this era of social distancing is over. Need help getting started? We can send you tips and guidance, create a customized plan you implement, or we can even be your partner in each step.

Interested in how our Virtual Support services can help you? Reach out today.