Unconventional Gifts For Unconventional Bostonians

We all know someone who is hard to shop for. They either already have everything one could possibly want and need or they are the type of person who your standard go-to gifts will never work for. We’ve brainstormed a few unconventional gifts for unconventional Bostonians.

Buying an unconventional gift can be really fun. Giving someone the unexpected and seeing their surprised but also happy reaction can be really rewarding. Here are a few unconventional gift ideas for those hard to shop for people in your life:

Experience Gifts

Don’t give someone a physical present. Instead, gift them an experience. We
love gifting cooking classes, bicycle tours and even spa days.

Easy Meals

Why not make someone’s life easier for a week by sending them a few days’ worth
of easy meals? You could deliver a few pre-cooked dinners from Whole Foods, order them a Just
Add Cooking box, or even have a personal chef come in and prep a week’s worth of meals for
them at their home.


We all know some parents that never get a chance to go out without the little ones.
Why not offer to babysit a few nights or even hire a babysitter so the parents can get some
much-needed time to themselves?

Floral Subscription

Fresh flowers never disappoint so why not arrange for a monthly delivery for
an entire year?

Nonprofit Donation

Does your gift recipient have a favorite nonprofit organization? How about
giving a monetary donation in their name?

Gift of More Time

What everyone really needs is more time. Consider giving a gift certificate to
Fini Concierge.

If you need help figuring out the perfect unconventional gifts for unconventional Bostonians, contact a member of the Fini Concierge team today.

Give the Gift of Time: Personal Concierge Gift Certificates