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Transitioning Your Family From A Nanny To What’s Next

It’s bittersweet when your family no longer requires a nanny. Your children are at a more independent age when they no longer require a full-time nanny. But you are also losing an extended part of your family that assists with so much more than just the childcare.

Most nannies do much more than take care of the family’s children. They also assist with household errands, meal preparation, and household maintenance. Losing your nanny also means losing that person that helps keep your household running smoothly. How does a family transition from having a nanny to not?

Hiring an on-call personal assistant service like Fini Concierge can help bridge that gap. We offer Personal Admin services to help manage the everyday details of your life. These can include grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, scheduling home maintenance appointments, and even finding the best summer camps for your children.

If you are transitioning out of having a nanny for your family, contact a member of the Fini Concierge team to discuss how we can help bridge the gap.