How To Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

Spring is the season where patio furniture makes it’s re-entry into our lives and we couldn’t be happier for it. Meals al fresco. Cocktails during sunset. Reading a new book with and feeling the summer breeze.

We love spending as much time outdoors as possible and know that keeping our patio furniture in tip-top shape is just one way of doing that. Here are our tips to extending the life of your patio furniture so you can enjoy more time outside.


Most patio furniture can be cleaned with soap and water, but they are all made from a variety of materials. So, make sure you know the unique requirements for yours.


Some patio furniture is already weather resistant, but if it’s not, there are waxes and pastes you can apply to make it weather resistant. If you have patio furniture that isn’t or can’t be made weather resistant, be sure to store it during inclement weather and the winter season.


If your patio furniture can stay outdoors during the winter, be sure to cover it up. You may also consider covering it generally when not in use. This helps prevent from rain and sun damage.


Furniture covers need love too! Don’t forget to wash them. Those umbrella joints needs oiling. A spray lubricant or wax should do the trick.


Get your patio cushions and pillows professionally cleaned during the off season. Then store them until spring.

Need help with your patio furniture maintenance? Ask how our Home Maintenance services can help.