Boston moving advice

Moving Advice for Parents of Boston & Cambridge Students

September 1st may not mean much to anyone new to Boston. To parents of older college students living in the city, September 1st may cause flashes of overflowing dumpsters, double parked cars, inflated moving service rates, “Allston Christmas,” and other stressful experiences. Moving in and around the Boston area isn’t easy—for students or for their parents who have come along to help aid the process. Since you often are given a set move-in day, you are destined to be sharing the road with other parents across the city. We’ve got a solution. Continue reading

Summer Camp Young Child Mother

Choosing the Perfect Summer Camp: Questionnaire

The new year has just begun but one thing on a lot of parents minds right now is: Summer Camp. Yes, summer may seem far away, but finding the perfect summer camp for your children now ensures that you’re not put on a waiting list and forced to pick a program that you know your kids just won’t love.

How do you find the perfect summer camp? Lots of research! But who has time for that? The answer: the Fini Concierge team. We are here to make sending your kids to summer camp as easy as possible. Before the summer camp search begins, here are a few questions to answer to ensure your kids get the most of their summer camp experience. Continue reading