Virtual School Vacation

We’d all normally be reviewing our April vacation plans right about now. But since we are all practicing social distancing, we’ve had to readjust not only our plans but shift our mindsets on what a school vacation can mean. We’re embracing staying home and envisioning what a virtual school vacation can look like.

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Virtual Support Spotlight: Educating Your Kiddos

We’re not professional educators but we’re parents who have now become home schoolers during the COVID-19 crisis, just like you!  We know how challenging it is to come up with not only enough educational activities to fill the day but ones that engage your kids as well – there are only so many worksheets one child can do.  And if you have multiple kids or not enough resources from your schools yet, it makes it quite overwhelming.

We can help!  Our team can provide a list of educational activities and resources based on the ages of your children, including but not limited to a daily/weekly schedule and educational plans. We will order supplies, support you becoming a home-school parent, and even provide ideas for how to keep the family sane while spending so much time together!  Let’s keep it fun and interesting!

Ask how we can help with your new home schooling journey through our Virtual Support Services.


Find The Perfect Summer Camp with Fini Concierge

When it comes to fond (and sometimes embarrassing) memories, you can always count on someone to recall a story or two from their days at summer camp. For many families, going to summer camp is a cherished tradition.

What isn’t always so cherished is the amount of work it takes to find the perfect summer camp for your children. Luckily for you, the staff at Fini Concierge are pros at finding the summer camp that best suits exactly what you and your children are looking for. Once you’ve picked that perfect summer camp, we can help get your kids there, with our Personal Admin services. Continue reading