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How to Hire a Beekeeping Service for Your Home

In celebration of Earth Day, our team at Fini is partnering with The Best Bees Company to shed light on the importance of a different kind of essential worker.. honeybees! Anyone who eats food, needs bees. As pollinators of over 70 fruit and vegetable crops that we humans rely upon, bees contribute over $15 billion to the United States economy annually. By supporting bees, we can increase food security for people across the globe.

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Curated Gift Guide: Cape Cod

We’re more than a month into our new normal, and in that time we’ve been searching for ways to connect with others while social distancing. One things we can do is figure out ways to make our friends and loved ones feel special even though there’s physical distance between us. We love sending gifts as reminders that these people in our lives are always on our minds. The Fini Concierge team has teamed up with some of our favorite local businesses on Cape Cod to make this task as easy as possible for you.

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Rescheduling Your Move

Spring is prime moving season, but this year your moving plans may have drastically changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. While moves are still happening because this industry is considered an essential service, you may have decided that moving isn’t essential for you and your family at this time. Continue reading


Virtual School Vacation

We’d all normally be reviewing our April vacation plans right about now. But since we are all practicing social distancing, we’ve had to readjust not only our plans but shift our mindsets on what a school vacation can mean. We’re embracing staying home and envisioning what a virtual school vacation can look like.

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