Selling a Home

Simplified Moves Package by Fini Concierge

Moving is often considered to be one of the top five most stressful events experienced by individuals and families in the United States, ranking among death in the immediate family, divorce, job loss and purchasing a new home. That’s why we created our Simplified Moves Package that incorporates services that we frequently tackle during all stages of the move process.

Before your move, we can help you:

  • Hire a trusted and professional moving company.
  • Disconnect and set up utility and home accounts (i.e. phone, cable, internet, electric, gas, oil, trash, water delivery, newspaper delivery)
  • Provide neighborhood information and local vendor contacts (i.e. doctor, dentist, vet, dry cleaner, RMV or home vendors such as cleaners, handyman, AV/home theater, interior decorator, landscaper, snow removal, home security, pool service, pet service, home contractors)
  • Research schools, daycares, camps, kids activities and/or hire a nanny or occasional babysitter.
  • Identify places to donate unwanted items and/or schedule trash removal.
  • Change mailing addresses.
  • Obtain homeowners or renters insurance quotes.
  • Make move related travel arrangements.
  • Research information such as pet licensing, how to change your driver’s license, how to get a new toll pass, or trash/recycling pickup schedule for your neighborhood.

On the day of your move, we can help with:

  • On-site day move coordination.
  • Unpacking, organizing and set up of home.
  • Stocking house full of supplies and groceries.

After your move, we are available to:

  • Meet home vendor appointments such as a cleaner, furniture delivery, art installer, AV/home theater, cable/internet, locksmith, handyman, snow removal, home security, pool service, pet service, interior decorator, painter, home contractor.

Whether you are moving or helping a loved one move, this package will make the process easy and guarantee a successful transition. With Fini Concierge, you can consider it ALL done.