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Simplified Moves for Boston Students

September 1st may not mean much to people outside of Boston. To Boston residents and students, September 1st may cause flashes of overflowing dumpsters, double parked cars, inflated moving service rates, “Allston Christmas,” and other possibly traumatic experiences. Moving in and around the Boston area isn’t easy- and often people recommend to avoid the 1st all together. But that’s not possible for many people in the city- especially students.

While you’re trying to balance the start of a new semester, adding a move into the mix may mean you are forced to miss an important class, work, or opportunity. You also don’t need the added stress. We’ve got a solution.

Simplified Movies is a service offered by Fini Concierge, Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston Best Concierge, to help manage your move from start to finish. With over 10 years of experience moving clients in and around the Boston area, we can help take care of the details. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Find and hire reputable movers within your budget.
  • Acquire required parking permits.
  • Acquire packing materials: boxes, tapes, etc.
  • Pack and organize your belongings to make unpacking a breeze.
  • Donate unwanted items to local charities.
  • Manage day-of move activities.
  • Unpack and organize belongings.
  • Stock refrigerator and pantry with your favorite foods.
  • Help setup utilities and wait during service window to meet with provider.

And the list goes on!

With all of the added stress and pressure from school, invest in your happiness and well being. Plan a move with a personal concierge to make the process stress free so you can focus on your goals and aspirations.