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Fini Gives Back: Schools On Wheels Edition

When we started Fini Concierge, a foundational principle was supporting our local communities through meaningful connections with local organizations. To achieve this goal, each year the Fini team designates seasonal projects that focus on a specific need in our local communities. We work together on these projects and always look for opportunities to involve our clients as well. In addition, each Fini team member also has time they can use individually to volunteer – giving us a variety of opportunities to give back to the community.

For the recent back-to-school season, the Fini team decided to work with the organization, Schools On Wheels, whose mission is to educate children impacted by homelessness by providing academic support and one-on-one mentoring. One of the ways in which Schools On Wheels helps children impacted by homelessness is by providing fully stocked backpacks to ensure the right start to a school year.

Our team reached out to our clients to see if they were interested in helping out, too. We were overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to the generous financial donations of our clients, we were able to check off more than a few of the items on the Schools On Wheels’ shopping list.

Once our fun shopping trip was complete, Chantal and Kristin were given the opportunity to visit the Schools On Wheels office and pack backpacks for the upcoming school year. We worked with the organization’s staff and learned so much while we were there. Did you know that the average age of a person that is impacted by homeless in Massachusetts is 8 years old? We were stunned. Kristin and Chantal loved learning about all of the organizations efforts to make sure that every child is set up for educational success, no matter what their living situation may be.

shopping-cart Chantal-Kristin-Backpacks

If you are interested in learning more about Schools On Wheels, please visit their website. We’d love to hear if you end up finding that they were a great place for you to partner with, too!