Sharing the Simplified Life!

There’s no better feeling than when a potential client contacts Fini Concierge based on a current client’s recommendation. Not only does it confirm that our clients are happy with the service and support that we are providing them, but it also means that we are making a positive impact on their daily lives so they decide to share information about us with their friends and family. It also is meaningful to us that they care enough to help us grow and expand.

As business owners, we want to make it easy for our clients to refer us on to their network without it being a burden. Our clients certainly don’t need another thing on their to-do list…that’s why they have us! Here are a few ways we can help you make the connection without taking up too much of your time:

  1. Text or email us your referral’s name and contact information and we’ll reach out. It also helps to share with us what services they may need. For example, if your sister is getting married, let us know and we can send her information about Simplified Events.
  2. Send an introduction email. Sometimes just a simple introduction via email can start the conversation, and your involvement in the first contact will ensure your friend or family member trusts that we are the real deal!
  3. Request a few of our business cards. If you ever want a few business cards or postcards to hand out with information about our services to friends, family or colleagues– of course we would be happy to provide them. If you are renting your Cape Cod home, you can even leave our card as a resource for your tenants to call if they need anything.

The best kind of referral happens naturally, and we want to thank our clients, friends, and family for passing along a “secret” – the secret to living a simplified life!

Send an email to your friend

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.