Imagine moving in or out of the Boston area and having a stress-free experience. Our knowledge combined with our ability to leverage the strong relationships that we have developed with local vendors create great benefits for our clients.

Imagine planning an event and having the details taken care of. Our experience and long standing relationships with vendors can be used to your benefit. Let our team guide, refer, research and handle the creative and logistical aspects of your party.

Imagine visiting the Boston area and having reservations made, tickets reserved, and transportation booked. We can make recommendations and coordinate plans to make your stay enjoyable and stress-free.

Fini Concierge was created because founders, Edward and Chantal Boxer, experienced the same imbalance that most of our clients feel in their lives living in Boston: a ton of tasks on our to-do list and never enough time to get them done. Drawing upon their experiences and their knowledge of the Boston area, we strive to always provide excellent, personalized services to each of our valued clients.

Trust us to provide a wide array of support. Fini Concierge will manage your daily errands and complete personal or work related projects. With assistance, your productivity at work will improve and you’ll gain time to spend with family and friends. Fini Concierge gives you those extra hours in the day you’ve been hoping for and the satisfied feeling of being caught up rather than always feeling like you’re behind.

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