Investing In Yourself

When it comes to moving ahead, whether it be in your career or your personal life, there are always road blocks. Chief among them is time. There is never enough time to get everything done on your to do list. Maybe it’s time to start investing in yourself.

You want to work towards building your own business, or receiving that PhD, but you feel daunted by having to balance those heavy workloads along with the demands of family, friends and even getting some time to just relax. What do you do? You outsource the things in your life that will give you more time to focus on launching your new business, writing that dissertation or taking a training course that pushes you to that much closer to a promotion.

Not sure what to outsource? Here are some ways you can gain more time:

  • Childcare: If you’re a stay-at-home parent, hire a babysitter to give you some uninterrupted time to work on that business plan. If you work full-time and already have traditional full-time childcare, consider hiring someone to assist during off-hours. Maybe someone to come in for an hour or two in the mornings to make things run more smoothly, or for a Saturday afternoon to give you time to get away and work uninterrupted?
  • House Cleaner: Whether you have someone come in once a week or once a month, that’s precious time you’ve just earned back.
  • Errands: Hand off the tasks of grocery shopping, dry cleaning and car service appointments. Fini Concierge can easily take on these tasks, giving you the gift of time.
  • Landscaping: Let someone else mow the lawn, maintain those hedges and ensure those tulips bloom.
  • Meals: No time to cook? Hire a chef to prep several ready-to-eat meals for you and your family each week.

In addition to running your errands, Fini Concierge can also help find the best service providers for you. We’ll hire the landscaper and private chef. We’ll help you find the best babysitter and house cleaner. With Fini Concierge, you’re investing in yourself by receiving the gift of time.

The Secret to Hiring Service Providers in Boston & Cape Cod