Concierge Services for International Visitors to Boston

Visiting a foreign city can be exciting but also daunting. You’re not only unfamiliar with the city, but you’re also are unsure of what to do, where you should stay and may even not speak the same language. Whether you are here for business, pleasure or to tour one of its world class colleges, Fini Concierge can make your visit to Boston a bit simpler.

Here are a few ways how:

  • Hotels: Let us find the perfect hotel for your trip to Boston.
  • Restaurants: Let us make reservations at our favorite Boston eateries.
  • Tours: Want to get an idea of what Boston is really like? We’ll book a sightseeing tour or two for you.
  • Language Barrier: If there’s a language barrier, we can hire someone who speaks your native language to help you navigate Boston.
  • Travel: Not sure the best way to get around the city? We’ll map out the easiest routes, find the best drivers and even help you navigate public transit.
  • Rest & Relaxation: Need some time to relax? We’ll book a spa session for some much needed stress relief.

Whether you’ll be in town for a few days or you plan on staying for a few months, we can make your trip stress-free and memorable. If you’re an international visitor to Boston, contact Fini Concierge to find out how we can make your trip even more enjoyable.