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How Fini Concierge Can Help You Hire Help

Some of the people who need the most help day to day are entrepreneurs. As business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to have to juggle both the business and our personal lives. Hiring and recruiting top talent can be especially time consuming and often frustrating! Here is a success story we’d like to share on how we helped Seven Cycles to hire an executive administrative assistant to the CEO.

Seven Cycles is the largest exclusively custom bike frame builder in the world, headquartered  in Watertown, MA. We had the opportunity to start working with Rob Vandermark, CEO and Founder of Seven Cycles, 3 years ago, helping him primarily with personal projects. In the spring of 2007 he presented us with a challenge – help him with the recruitment of an executive administrative assistant. Amazingly, Rob had worked for over 8 years as the CEO of Seven Cycles without any admin support partly because he had been so disheartened with candidates during past searches with and without the help of professional recruiters. Rob trusted us with this project because we had developed such a strong working relationship with him and knew his working style. In an effort to get Rob the help he needed right away, we had one of our team members, Marissa, work part time at Seven Cycles to help pave the transition for the new full time assistant. It took us several months but we were successful in helping to find the right match for Rob – and we’re so happy to say that she is still working with Rob – because it makes his life easier but also because Denise, his assistant, is so awesome to work with!

So most people would get why Rob would ask for our assistance on helping him hire an executive admin, but most people wouldn’t imagine why Rob would have continued to ask for our help to fill other positions at Seven Cycles. Hiring goes way beyond technical knowledge. Although we certainly are just a small part of the team and don’t take credit for the successful hires they’ve had over the last 18 months, our role is to help them manage and facilitate the process… and as any of you who do your own hiring know, it can certainly be a frustrating and long process!

Even more valuable than opportunity to work with Seven Cycles’ recruitment team, we’ve been inspired by the company and the people who work there. As is evidenced by vast media coverage and positive reviews of its bikes, Seven Cycles is synonymous with unparalleled quality, precision workmanship, design innovation and handcrafted customization. All immensely impressive. What continues to impress us is the dedication that the Seven Cycles team has to the mission of Seven — crafting each bike to meet the needs of its’ rider with uncompromising service. We feel honored to work as part of their team and especially to have such close dealings with Rob, whose knowledge, passion and devotion to his business is unrivaled… and who always looks for the opportunity to share his expertise with others.

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