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Give the Gift of Time: Personal Concierge Gift Certificates

If you’ve seen the recent episode of Modern Family, you’ll know giving gift certificates for personal concierge services is an experiential gift that is fun to use and appreciated. It’s the perfect gift if you are looking for a personal and thoughtful gift to give your friends and family.

While there are endless occasions to gift personal concierge services, here are a few to keep in mind as the invitations arrive and celebrations approach.

  • Baby Showers: give expecting parents the help they need to prepare for their new baby. Or, they can use the hours once their little one arrives.
  • Wedding Showers: we all know wedding planning can be stressful. A little help may be all they need to get ready for the big day. We can help with last minute arrangements, planning the honeymoon, or tying up loose ends to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch.
  • Weddings: treat the bride and groom to the start of a stress-free life together. We can help them write thank you notes, organize a new home, or water plants while their away on their honeymoon.
  • Birthdays: as we get older, all we want is more time to enjoy life. A gift of personal concierge services will give them just that.
  • Mother’s Day: what’s the best way to show mom your appreciation? Give her time off from the daily grind.
  • Employee Appreciation: when your employees work hard, stay late, and sacrifice their time for the team- your first instinct may be to treat them to a nice dinner or bring beers to the office. Instead, give them back some of the free time they lost so they can enjoy what they love to do.
  • Customer Loyalty/Referrals: when you want to thank your customers or clients, a gift that is personalized and unique will leave a lasting impression. Personal concierge services are flexible, invaluable, and will be remembered.
  • Belated Gifts: didn’t have time to pick up and send a gift? We can send you or your recipient a digital gift certificate that won’t be a moment late.

Now that you know the secret to an amazing gift, keep Fini Concierge in mind throughout the year.

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