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Gift Ideas for Boston Area Teachers

We are all so grateful for all the hard work our teachers do. If you are looking for a few ideas how you can say thank you for all that they do, we have a few.

  • Classroom Supplies: Ask your child’s teacher what supplies they could use for the classroom. Maybe it’s construction paper, tissues or snacks. Take the stress off the teacher for having to purchase all the supplies they don’t get funding for.
  • Volunteer: Could your child’s teacher use an extra set of hands in the classroom? Do you have a particular skill or knowledge set that would be interesting for the class to learn? Offer your help to make your child’s class as enriching as possible.
  • Thank You Note: Don’t underestimate the value of a hand written thank you note. Taking the time to hand write why your child’s teacher is such an important part of their life is something that teacher will never forget.
  • Gift Certificate: Treat your child’s teacher with a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, fitness studio or Fini Concierge. We all know the gift of time is something we all yearn for.

For more information on how the Fini Concierge team can help you with gift ideas, reach out about our Personal Shopping Services.