Get Ready For Fall Sports With Fini Concierge

As soon as the month of September has come and gone, school is finally in full swing and it’s time to get ready for Fall sports.  Whether it’s purchasing the required equipment or transporting your child to and from practice, getting ready for the season can be daunting for every sport. It’s important to show up prepared—whether you’re on the field, court, or couch watching from home! We are here to help.

When you’re on a team it’s important to be on time to practices and games and having the proper equipment to perform well. If you’re a spectator, you’ll still want to celebrate the wins from the sideline.

Here are some ways that Fini Concierge can help you get ready for fall sports:

  • Buy Equipment: Need new gear? We’re happy to research the best brands for your sport and go out to pick up whatever you might need.
  • Transportation: Juggling work and your kids’ practice schedules is no easy task. Don’t stress about how your kids are going to get to and from practices and games. Let us arrange rides for you.
  • Food & Drinks: Is it your turn to bring game day refreshments? Let us save you the time and do the shopping for you.
  • Sports Leagues: Want your kids to play in leagues outside of what their school offers? Our team will find the best leagues for you and give you the information needed to get the ball rolling.
  • Private Coaching: Is your sports superstar ready to take it to the next level? Let us find the coach that will best fit your child’s needs and help them excel.
  • Events: Hosting an end-of-season party or something to celebrate a big win? Fini Concierge can find venues, hire caterers, and get the perfect party decorations.

If you’d like help with everything on your to do list to get ready for fall sports, ask us about how we can help with our Personal Admin Services.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published October 16, 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.