Concierge Services for Film Production in Boston

The Boston area has been booming recently when it comes to film production. We know that film productions are based on tight schedules and deadlines.

Here are a few ways the Fini Concierge team can help film production crews while they are in town:
  • Travel Arrangements: Let us book the flights, hotels, and livery services to make getting into, around, and out of Boston a breeze.
  • Catering: Crews need to eat. Let us make sur eeveryone is fueled up for a hard day’s work.
  • Errands: Last minutes needs are sure to arise. Let us run those errand so your film crew can focus on what they do best.
  • Guide to Boston: We’ll create a short and sweet guide for you production crew for all there is to know and do around Boston for when they have some down time.

To learn more about how Fini Concierge can assist your film production, reach out and ask about our Business Support Services.