Boston Based Virtual Assistant for Traveling Professionals

Business and travel have always gone hand in hand. It’s estimated that 1.3 million business trips happen every day in the United States. For many of these professionals, they spend more time in airports and hotel rooms than in their own homes. That can make things like home to-do lists or administrative tasks difficult to complete. And, who wants to drop off dry cleaning on one of the few days back home? This is where a virtual assistant comes in handy.

If you’re one of those many traveling professionals, here are a few ways having a Boston based virtual assistant, like Fini Concierge, can help:

  • Travel Planning: Need someone to book those flight, hotel and restaurant reservations for you? Let us take that off of your to do list.
  • Last-minute errands: There’s always something that needs to be picked up right before you travel. Let Fini Concierge take care of those errands for you.
  • Office & Home Prep: There’s nothing like returning home from a trip to an office or home that is disheveled, unstocked and unorganized. Let our team restock supplies, schedule the cleaner and even make sure that your dry cleaning has been picked up.

If you’re a traveling professional and would like some additional business support, contact the team at Fini Concierge today.