2020: Celebrating Thanksgiving at a Distance

For many of us, Thanksgiving is going to be totally different than in traditional years. We won’t be traveling to see family, won’t host the annual Friendsgiving or shop on Black Friday. Which presents us with an opportunity to show our gratitude in different ways and maybe even come up with a new tradition along the way.

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving at a distance:

  1. Just because you won’t be physically with your loved ones on Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you can’t share in part of the meal together. Order a special appetizer, drink or dessert and send it to all of your loved ones in advance of Thanksgiving. Then plan to host a zoom call before or after your Thanksgiving meal when you can all eat or drink the same thing together.
  2. Will your kids miss baking with grandma? This year plan to do a zoom baking session with the family you’ll be missing the weekend or day before Thanksgiving. We’ll be baking Turkey Hand Sugar Cookies in our house this year!
  3. While you may not be there in person, loved ones will appreciate having a reminder of you on their dining room table or hanging up in their home. Sending a floral centerpiece will brighten up their table. Having your children decorate a cut-out turkey or fall leaves for family to hang up in their homes is another way to create a festive Thanksgiving Day atmosphere.
  4. Are you usually in charge of the playlist at your turkey dinner? If so, create a 2020 Thanksgiving playlist to send to loved ones so you’ll all enjoy the same music, even if not together.
  5. “Turkey Bomb” local friends and family before the big day! Make up small gift baskets with a bottle of wine, some sweet treats and some stickers for the kids and leave it at their front door to show your gratitude for special people in your life.
  6. Writing notes of thanks is always appreciated! Send a Thanksgiving card to each special person in your life that you will be missing to share your gratitude. Make sure to clearly note on the envelope that the card shouldn’t be opened until Thanksgiving Day!
  7. Cousins will miss playing with each other while they eagerly wait for all of the food to be prepared. Have kids make Thanksgiving hats out of construction paper – turkeys or Pilgrims – and send each other photos of them wearing their hats while eating their big Thanksgiving meal. Silly faces encouraged!

Love these ideas but would love a little help to pull them together in time?
Let our team prepare you to celebrate Thanksgiving at a distance this year.