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Fini Concierge, Your Personal Travel Agent

We know your travel calendar begins looking very hectic during the summer months. Whether for business or pleasure, reducing or eliminating travel related hassles will make your trip more enjoyable and well worth the time. You will no longer face the dilemma of taking a vacation with our team or personal concierges taking care of the following tasks:

PLANNING YOUR VACATION OR THREE DAY WEEKEND GET AWAY: Fini Concierge will assist you in finding the perfect new spot to venture to with friends or family this summer. We can provide you with a day by day itinerary filled with dining, lodging and activities based on your personal preferences.

MAKING YOUR RESERVATIONS: Fini Concierge will place all of your reservations. In addition to making reservations for flights, we will also be sure your hotel reservation is made and any sightseeing plans are booked and confirmed.

LAST MINUTE ITEMS: Fini Concierge will pick up everything you need for your trip. From travel activity bags to keep your kids occupied on the plane or in the car, to sunscreen, batteries, or snacks.

PASSPORT SERVICES: Fini Concierge will make sure all of your travel documentation is taken care of in time for your trip.

GETTING TO AND FROM THE AIRPORT: Fini Concierge will hire and arrange car service to pick you up at home and drop you off at the airport to be sure you arrive on time for your flight. With this option you eliminate parking hassles as well.

PEACE OF MIND CHECK IN: Fini Concierge will check in on your home, giving you peace of mind. We can also check your mail, feed your cat and water your plants while you’re away.

Get peace of mind with your next vacation by using our Travel Arrangements services.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2016 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.