Boston college students

Fini Concierge for Boston & Cambridge College Students

Your child is heading to school in the city, and even though you know over the past 18 years you have given them all the tools to live on their own, you may want a little reassurance that they have help if they need it. Fini Concierge, Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston Best Concierge, offers personal concierge services to students in the Boston area. Here are a few examples of ways personal concierge services can help your college student.

  • Travel arrangements: planning trips home, study abroad.
  • Simplified Storage: storing furniture and personal items for the summer.
  • Simplified Moves: managing moves on or off campus.
  • Doctor visits: arranging appointments with reputable physicians in the area.
  • Hire help: finding a cleaning person for their off campus apartments.
  • Transportation: arranging transportation to and from Boston Logan International Airport or as needed.
  • Help with furnishing: from towels and sheets to furnishing their new apartment.
  • Shopping: stocking them up from time to time with paper towels to making sure they have some fruits and vegetables in their kitchens
  • Care packages from home: delivering thoughtful goodies specified by you – their favorite cannoli from Mike’s Pastry, a relaxation kit with candles and bubble bath during exams or a cake on their birthday with candles and party hats – they’ll feel the love all the way from home.
  • Sell back books: selling back unwanted books at the end of the semester so they don’t pile up at home.

With a personal concierge that can be utilized as needed, your college student is in trustworthy hands and can focus on their school work. Meanwhile, you get peace of mind that we are just a phone call away.

Keep both yours and your college student’s to do lists at bay when you use our Errands Services.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.