Managing a Second Home on Cape Cod [For New Yorkers]

Cape Cod is the perfect place to go to if you want to get some fresh air and escape the noisy sirens and sounds of New York City. Whether you purchased your second home on Cape Cod to escape the hustle and bustle of NYC or just to have a place for your friends and family to create new memories, you want your home to be a symbol of happiness not stress.


Making trips to and from New York City to manage your Cape Cod home can get tedious–especially with New England weather and unpredictable traffic. Hiring our concierge team on Cape Cod will relieve the stress and worry while saving you time and money. We will make sure your house is warm and welcoming upon your arrival.

  • “Peace of Mind” check-ins – Running the water in your faucets, flushing toilets, checking the heating system, running your car, watering your plants, checking on snow removal…  We’ll make sure your home is maintained while you are away.
  • Overseeing home maintenance – We’ve all heard the horror stories of home maintenance vendors not showing up or seeing through the work they’ve committed to or on schedule.  We can help by supervising work being done on your home while you are not in town.  We’ll communicate updates and send you photos to keep you in the loop on all progress.
  • Opening your home at the beginning of the season and closing it up for the winter – Patio furniture, beach towels, chairs and toys, seasonal maintenance, spring and fall yard clean ups…  Ensuring your house feels like a home when you arrive.  Plus, we can pick up your beach stickers for the season.
  • Referrals to service providers – Need a new cleaner or landscaper?  Want your home painted during the off-season?  We can connect you with the right vendor for your project.
  • Stocking your refrigerator — Arrive to a well stocked kitchen and skip those long lines at the grocery and liquor store.
  • Making dinner or activity reservations – Utilize us as you would a hotel concierge.  We’ll make all of your dinner and activities reservations prior to your arrival.  *For restaurants, we love Front Street or the Red Inn in Provincetown, Bluefins in Chatham, The Wicked Oyster or Ciraldi in Wellfleet.
  • Arranging your travel – Car service, train or ferry tickets, flights, car rentals. *The best days to drive to the Cape are  Sunday through Thursday before or after commuting times.  Also try to avoid traveling onto and off of the Cape on Saturdays.  Saturday is change over day for most rentals which makes traffic a nightmare! Book the ferry to Provincetown as soon as you know you are traveling as seats sell out quickly on weekends.


One of the main reasons people purchase a second home on Cape Cod is to enjoy the beautiful beaches, fresh air, and iconic scenery. Our Personal Concierge team will ensure that you spend your time enjoying your home on Cape Cod and all of the surrounding activities.

  • Helping you host guests – Put them in touch with us and we’ll arrange for car service from the Hyannis Airport, the charming B&B near your home or a romantic dinner reservation for the night they leave their kids at your house!
  • Planning a last minute soirée – We can arrange for a last minute family gathering, shop for an impromptu BBQ or arrange for a backyard clam bake.
  • Daily errands – We can take your clothes to the dry cleaner or make a run to BJs.  Let us handle the day to day projects even at your second home.

We will create a custom plan to help you get the most out of your second home on Cape Cod.  Before you know it, you will find yourself relaxing on one of Cape Cod’s beautiful beaches with an ice cream cone in hand.

Before You Arrive On Cape Cod